Young child and dog portrait. No problem if you know what to do and how to do it. The key for the  great smiles that I achieve with children, especially young children is first, to talk in a fun and silly manner when conversing with them. This tends to make them comfortable with me and the process of creating portraits. I coach them how I want them to sit and hold the dog, and with a parent’s assistance have them adjust clothing and hair as needed.

But the most important thing is the expressions, especially on the child. Here you can see this charming 4 year old has a great smile on her face. Four year olds get a big kick out of bathroom humor and silly words about their dad. For this portrait I used both of this tricks. BTW you will never get this kind of smile by just having a child say the word–cheese!!

The portrait is not complete if the dog involved is not involved an focused on the camera. So, with my combination of getting the child’s great smiles going and her dog focused and the right split-second timing, well then we get a portrait like this fun one.

It certainly does not hurt that I have 37 years experience as a professional portrait photographer!!

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