Pet Photography

Photographing pets and people with their pets is the most exciting portrait work that I have done in my many years as a professional portrait photographer.

I have a two-fold philosophy regarding pet photography. 1) I have endless patience and 2) nothing is ever a problem.. What that means is if a dog has an accident or is nervous or shy, I’ve seen it all, and we will take as much time as your family member needs to be at ease. I have photographed more than 1000 dogs and also have experience working with cats.

Each portrait session is my opportunity to capture these pets in wonderful images to treasure for many years to come. If they choose, I always encourage the pet parents to be involved and to join their furry family members in the session. People often tell me that my pet portraits look like paintings. I humbly consider that complement the highest praise.

Let me take portraits for you to love and enjoy. Remember, ‘Don’t say I wish I had, SAY ‘I’m glad I did.’

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