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At Patrick Nau Photography, we’re here to answer all of your pet portrait questions.
Why now? I’d rather wait.

Patrick implores people not to wait. It’s far to often that he hears, “I wish I would have”. It’s hard to imagine life without your pet and we don’t know how long we have with them. Accidents, illness, age; these can surprise us with the loss that is indescribable to those who haven’t experienced the unconditional love of a pet.

Capture that adorable puppy face, wrinkly skin, and pudgy belly. Capture the wisdom and peace in the old dog’s aging eyes and grey whiskers. Don’t wait until the perfect weather or time… do it now. Be the one saying, “glad I did”.

My dog will never sit still; you’ll never be able to photograph him!
That is precisely why Patrick’s clients choose him for pet photography. Just take a look at his work! Although some dogs sit nicely, more often than not they get distracted and wiggle around. That’s where Pat’s 35 years of professional experience pays off. Split second timing and other unique methods help capture the attention of dogs. These techniques have not failed with the more than 1000 pets Patrick has photographed.
What can I expect during my session?

It’s easy with Patrick! Just one trip to his studio feels like a fun event with your pet. It takes about and hour and a half total. In a fun, relaxed portrait session you work together to create poses and capture the essence of your pet. You also get to view your photos immediately after your session. Patrick helps you narrow down the poses and select sizes that will fit nicely in your home, office, and wallet.



Can you photograph children and dogs?

What are some of your methods of getting great photographs?
How much do portraits cost?

Beautiful portraits of your family and pet are an investment that truly increase in sentimental value as time goes by. Most clients spend between $350-$850. Beloved family pets are with us for too short of a time. Portraits keep you connected to your pet long after he/she is gone. A framed portrait on the wall serves as a beautiful remembrance of your pet(s) or your family.




Why should I pay more than a retailer or a friend with a nice camera for portraits?

Patrick is an experienced specialist, a professional, and has the technique and ability to make your time and money worthwhile. There are no hidden costs; Pat is up front with pricing. There are no package obligations and no gimmicks to make you buy more than you wanted. Patrick stands behind his art and will work with you to create a timeless, cherished possession, and a quality portrait.


I get good pictures from my camera; isn’t that enough?
Snapshots are wonderful to have but they can’t replace the timeless majesty of a professional portrait. Snapshots don’t lend themselves to hanging on the wall in a place of honor. Not to mention that most snapshots don’t capture the color and texture of their coat, the beauty of their eyes, or that connection you share. Patrick’s custom studio lighting and expert technique capture those elements amazingly well, especially on darker pets.

Is my dog too black to be photographed well?

Sometimes people wonder if their dog is too dark or black to be photographed. Let’s answer that question!

What has been your most difficult session so far?



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