Meet Patrick

The Founder of Patrick Nau Photography

Portraiture is not something you learn overnight. You practice a skill for years, as it takes time, energy and sincere focus to become one with the camera. In this sense, you are always learning and your portraits are constantly evolving. It is something Patrick Nau is proud to say made him who he is.

Who is Patrick Nau?

With well over 30 years of experience starting with a partnership at Chuck and Don’s Pet Food Outlet, Patrick Nau is a well-versed portrait and pet photographer, based out of Minneapolis, MN. He has done an endless amount of sessions involving all kinds of people and pets, which is how he has trained himself to notice body language, lighting and other key factors in portrait photography.

Now, after all of these years, photography has become a way of life for Patrick. He would like to extend the skills he learned to you and your loved ones, at a price that is understandable for all. Contact him today for all of your portrait needs.


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