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Classic portraits you can be proud to display on your walls and gift to relatives.

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Pets are more than animals, they are family members. We love our pets and they deserve beautiful portraits.

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Pets are more than animals, they are family members. We love our pets and they deserve beautiful portraits we can cherish.

View our gallery here.


Find out what out loyal customers are saying about Patrick Nau Photography.
Patrick did a wonderful job photographing my very curious and energetic dog. He kept her engaged and captured her personality perfectly while making sure she stayed still at the same time. I’ll definitely be going back and would recommend him to my friends and family. Thank you for the great experience!
Briana Eruren

He is so very kind and full of compassion when it comes to your pets final days. I am so glad and very grateful he got us in the day before she passed. I highly recommend him.
Sharon Sloper

Recently used Patrick for new professional head shots and they turned out fantastic! Really easy and enjoyable experience.
Dash Leander

Do You Have Any Questions?

The best portraits of you or your loved once (pets included) are created when everyone feels comfortable and relaxed. Learn from some of the most frequently asked questions below so that you can feel comfortable during your photography session at Patrick Nau Photography in Minneapolis MN. For details on our Covid-19 precautions, please ask during scheduling.

Why now? I’d rather wait.

Patrick implores people not to wait. It’s far to often that he hears, “I wish I would have”. It’s hard to imagine life without your pet and we don’t know how long we have with them. Accidents, illness, age; these can surprise us with the loss that is indescribable to those who haven’t experienced the unconditional love of a pet.

Capture that adorable puppy face, wrinkly skin, and pudgy belly. Capture the wisdom and peace in the old dog’s aging eyes and grey whiskers. Don’t wait until the perfect weather or time… do it now. Be the one saying, “glad I did”.

Is my dog too old to sit for photos?
Many people wonder if their older dogs are too grumpy or too old for photos. The key to creating portraits for older dogs versus younger active dogs is to treat them with endless patience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NRtC6xgRxs
My dog will never sit still; you’ll never be able to photograph him!
That is precisely why Patrick’s clients choose him for pet photography. Just take a look at his work! Although some dogs sit nicely, more often than not they get distracted and wiggle around. That’s where Pat’s 35 years of professional experience pays off. Split second timing and other unique methods help capture the attention of dogs. These techniques have not failed with the more than 1000 pets Patrick has photographed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B00rgFKdDqY
Can you photograph children and dogs?


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