There are many challenges when photographing the multiple dog portrait. Among them are the various personalities of the dogs, their energy levels (which can vary greatly) and do they get along well together. My number one goal with the portrait session is that when we are done and the portraits are selected, every dog will look good in the portrait(s)

The first thing I make sure happen is when the dogs arrive at my studio is to give them plenty of time to sniff all the dogs smells that linger in my studio from previous sessions. This may take 5 or 10 minutes, no problem as I have endless patience and this activity is totally necessary before I begin the portrait photography process.

Of course, I have the set all ready before the dogs arrive. I have picked out the appropriate background based on the color of the dogs. And I have all my various squeakies, whistles at the ready (There is at least twenty at last count) I use these to get and keep the dogs attention. Plus, I have tested my lighting and made any necessary adjustments well before the dogs arrive.

Once we begin the actual photography, the dog parents are a critical help. They are the wranglers of the dogs and listen to my exact, ongoing directions as I continue to take the portraits. I like to take lots of images. On a portrait like this one I like to capture anywhere from twenty to thiry images. When I am done with the group portraits, I alway take individual portraits of each dog. After the session is done we do the selection process and by a process of elimination, we narrow it down to the my clients favorite poses. BTW this is a fun process and an easy way for my clients to choose what they want to order.

I love the challenge of photographing multiple dogs, there is really nothing quite like it! I am blessed with endless patience and I have a relentless desire to create portraits that my clients will love and treasure for years to come.

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