As a pet and pet/people portrait photographer now in my 38th year in business and with the fact that I have photographed more that 1000 dogs, I have strong opinions on which are the ideal poses for dogs depending on their age, size and breed.

This portrait of a really handsome German Shepherd was taken as a head and shoulders portrait. It is a strong pose showing the strength and dignity of the dog. It is not straight on which is an uninteresting view. The chest is pointing diagonally and the head is turned slightly in the opposite direction.

Of course, during a pet portrait session I take lots of poses with different body positions, having the dog sit, lie down. I take images from different angles, zooming in and out with my camera as needed.

For this particular pose I may revisit it during the session to really make sure I capture the exact, partricular pose that I am looking for–and this pose was exactly it.


What a Beautiful Dog!



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