Sometime clients want something different for their family group portrait, a portrait that specifically captures the essence of their relationship. We know that families come in all shapes and sizes and indeed this couple and their dog are truly a family.

The idea for the portrait and the goal of it was to capture the energy, fun and energy that the 3 of them often have together as a family and to show it in a portrait.

Preparation was key. Determining the composition beforehand and the body positioning of the couple was critical, too. Also, how Timber their dog was going to be positioned and held. A couple of test shots to double check lighting and we were all set to go. During the action that went on and while I was taking a number of portraits I gave subtle directions to the couple to improve the portraits. Portrait sessions like these do fall apart eventually but while the action is going on it is quite the experience for all involved.

In the end the couple was very happy with the portraits I captured for them and as a photographer I enjoyed the experience very much.







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