Seniors and pets. A portrait that I believe is so important and that I have indeed seen for myself, is a portrait of a senior citizen with their beloved pet. As we all know, the attachment people have for their pets is often is one of the strongest relationships they may have. Depending on the senior citizen, they may be a widow or widower or indeed have suffered other losses. Their relationship with their pet may be incredibly important to them.

As a pet and pet/people portrait photographer it is my job to honor that relationship with portraits that they will love and want to share with others.

The poses I choose to photograph the senior citizen with their pet often depends on their physical capabilities and levels of health. It is always helpful that the senior bring along a helper, what I call a ‘wrangler’ to assist during the portrait session. The Yorkie in this portrait was quite active and often distracted during the session. This fun portrait was created with the help of a ‘wrangler’ hiding behind the chair the senior is sitting on and holding on to little Bella. Portraits like this one are taken in a sequence, what I mean by that is I give continued encouragement and directions to my subject ‘Grandma’ while I am taking (what in this case were) action portraits. The portrait session ends on a winning note and a fun portrait like this one.

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