As you may imagine, photographing puppies can be and incredible challenge. Anything and everything that can go wrong will happen. The secret for me is to be totally prepared befor the puppies arrive at my studio. The first thing is to know the number of puppies that are coming. Once I know that I will create a set for them. In this portrait I had my little bench that I used for children’s portrait. It worked really well, it kept the puppies in place and was a nice contrast against their white coats.

It is probably obvious that I could not do a portrait like this one by myself. Indeed, I do need help from the ‘wranglers. In this case it was the owner of the puppies and her frieind. Each was kneeling by the bench, one on each side. As I was taking the portraits, I would give the wranglers directions to move and turn the puppies as needed. In addition, I would use my various whistles and squeekies to get and keep the puppies attentions. Of course, working fast is critical and part of that includes encouraging the wranglers if they start to get discouraged if and when the session gets a little chaotic.

Here is where my two-fold philosophy is so importaing for a successful portrait session. First, I am blessed with endless patience and I never get flustered. Second, nothing that occurs during a portrait session is ever a problem. Bathroom accidents occur and we clean them up, no big deal. What a great feeling it is when a session like this comes together and the pups are posing great. Of course, I take a bunch of images when that is happening. Then, as is inevitable it will fall apart. But not to worry, because we are done and the proud puppy owner will have lots of winning images to choose from.

But don’t wait too long, they will be on their way to various loving homes.

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