As you can imagine there are a number of things that go on during a portrait session. But even before it starts it is important to have a set. A piece of furniture or another item that will keep the pups close together and also that it will look good in the portrait.

Having enough helpers, who I call ‘wranglers’ is critical. To create this portrait their were two wranglers, one one each side kneeling just out of the view of the camera.Their job was to keep the pups on the bench and turn them to the camera if needed. I had my whole selection of squeaky toys and noisemakers which I used along with vocal sounds that I would make to get and keep the pups attention.

The dark bench also servers as a nice contrast against the white fur of the pups. Of course, working fast is critical and capturing lots of poses before the pups run out of energy and the session is done.

Puppy Love–The Making of a Puppies Portrait




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