Portrait Props? It happens quite often that my clients will ask me if they should take the collar off that their dog is wearing? Most of the time I say yes unless is is a special collar with significant meaning, or if it a designer or jeweled collar that adds to the presentation of the dog in the portrait, and then I say yes, of course it should stay However, it is a different story when the prop is a hat or tie or some other type of prop  that the client would like their dog to wear. I always say let’s start without the clothing type prop and later on we will add the prop.

Looking sharp!

The truth is normally two things usually happen–The first thing is it usually falls off or the dog does not like to have it on and shakes it off.

The second thing is that it does not stay where it is supposed to and looks goofy in the portrait.

The third, admittedly more uncommon occurrence is that it works absolutely perfectly as in this formal portrait of Tate who wore this bow tie just perfectly and really added to the striking nature of this portrait.



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