When I photograph my clients with their dogs there are a number of objectives I want to obtain. There are technical things that are important, of course. Nice flattering lighting, a strong composition, a pleasing non distracting background.                                                                                                                                               With these objectives as a given–The most important part of the portrait session are the expressions that are displayed in the portraits. I call it the ‘icing on the cake.’ For the truth is everything else in a portrait can be great but if the expressions displayed in the portrait fail–no one is happy.                                                                           At my studio, I work diligently with all the experience of hundreds and hundreds of portrait session during my 37 years as a professional portrait photographer to get expressions like the ones you see in this portrait.                     ESP = short for Expression Sells Portraits–This is a phrase I first heard 40 years ago and have always remembered. I alway strive to have my clients love the expressions that are displayed in their portraits.

So Much Love!



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