Handsome Husky.

As a professional photographer, now in my 38th year in business, I have lots of opinions on the right or wrong way of taking portraits. These days, that is especially true about the way I take pet portraits, specifically dog portraits. How I take them depends on the size (small, medium or large) and personality of the dog.

With this portrait of Kaya the Husky, I captured it by having her look away from the camera. Notice the front of her body is pointed to the left and she is looking to the right. I like this pose for strong dogs like Huskies, Boxers and German Shepherds. The tongue is out and the eyes are laser focused. It is cropped head and shoulder for a very effective look. Of course, during a pet portrait session I take a variety of poses that capture the pet pet in a way that I feel the proud pet parent will love.

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