Family portraits are an important marker in the life of a family. It is sad for me to say that families don’t have portraits made like they used to. When the family is the dogs it is even more critical because as we know all too well, our dogs are not with us as long as we wish they would be. 

When just the dogs are the family, whether the kids are grown and out of the house, or if there were no children, these portraits are really special. The more I photograph people with their dogs the more I am humbled with the love and connection they have with their beloved pets. I is my great pleasure to capture them together in portraits that they will treasure for years to come. Of course, in a portrait like this particular one there is a tremendous amount of activity going one while the portraits are being created.

The couple is following my directions and I am keeping the dog attention focused on me by all the tricks and various noise makers I have acquired in the course of photographing more than 1000 dogs.

However, the most critical part in a portrait like this one is that the couple look relaxed and comfortable of the action going on around them. I think they did a darn good job!

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