Curious Cats. How to work with and photograph multiple cats is always a challenge. Depending on the personality and breed of the cats it can be quite an adventure, too. These three handsome cats are Silver Shady Persian cats and as you can see from the portrait they are a really stunning breed. Certainly, it is critical for the portraits to happen is to have a handler of the cats, in this case a very attentive and knowledgeable owner to help with the control and posing of the cats.

An appropriate prop, in this case a small, wooden children’s bench works well as it add interest to the portrait and helps contain the cats.

When photographing multiple cats the sounds, movements and cat toys that attract the attention of one cat may not work or even scare one or more of the other cats in the portrait. The only thing that works is to keep going, using all the attention getting tricks I know while the handler continues between poses, to adjust and reset the cats.

Patience is critical and timing is everything but when it all comes together as in this portrait it always worth it.

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