Like people, our pets enjoy playing and being entertained. Dogs, in particular, are incredibly playful creatures that love chewing, chasing and tearing up toys. Toys aren’t just for entertainment; they are also beneficial in a variety of ways. In this blog, we’ll explain the many reasons why toys are crucial for your dog’s mental and physical health but also provide some recommendations on which toys we think are the best toys for dog. We recommend bringing your dog’s favorite toy when you come to visit our studio!

Dog toys foster independence

Dogs are incredibly dependent on you for their entertainment, but you most likely have responsibilities and aren’t able to spend all your waking hours with your dog. The best toys for dogs not only keep your pet entertained but also help them learn to entertain themselves when you are at work or out running errands. The right dog toys also keep them out of destructive trouble!

Dog toys facilitate learning

Best toys for dogs will enhance your dog’s ability to learn by helping them develop new skills. It also promotes natural behavior like playing, exploring, and searching.

Dog toys are healthy

When puppies start to teeth, chewing the right toys will help alleviate the pain. Sore gums, in particular, can be alleviated with the right toys. Dog chew toys also keep the teeth clean, sharp and help gum with pain. The right chew toys keep their mouth healthy and distract them from your favorite pair of shoes or new sofa.

Dog toys combat anxiety

Separation anxiety is something that impacts many pets. A new home, new family members, changes in situations and so on can cause your puppy to become anxious. But choosing the best dog toys will lessen their fear and anxiety. The right toy will stimulate and distract, easing negative feelings. Leaving a toy that you’ve put in your clothing drawers could also help ease anxiety with your scent.

Dog toys are great for photo sessions

During portrait sessions at Patrick Nau Fine Portrait Photography, we love to use dog toys to really grab their attention and bring out the best expressions. We recommend that you bring your pet’s favorite toy during your studio session, so we’ve curated a list of toys to get you started. Click here for a list of the best toys for dogs.

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