As you can imagine when a family portrait includes three dogs, two kids (9 and 3) and mom and dad helping as best they can–well to say the session was exciting and energetic is a bit of an understatement! During as portrait session like this one part of my job is to be cheerleader, that is to encourage everyone, especially the little boy not to give up to stay focused and interested in what is happening while I am taking the portraits.

This is also where my two-fold philosophy of portrait photography is so important. First is: I have endless patience and Second is: nothing is ever a problem. Let me explain: whether a portrait session is easy or challenging my goal remains the same–capturing portraits that I and my clients will love. If it is a quick easy session or a longer, challenging session makes no difference.

If the dog(s) are nervous, jumping around or there is a bathroom accident we deal with those as no big deal and react accordingly in an easy going manner and continue the session to its successful conclusion. Capturing this portrait was a result of many controlled actions that all came together for a portrait that the parents dearly love.


Hurry and take our portrait!!



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