Business Portraits

Fine Portrait Photography
One cannot overestimate the importance of an excellent business portrait in today’s ever expanding digital world.

A business portrait that has the ‘just right’ lighting, with the confident and friendly expression you will really like, plus, the perfect wardrobe choice and a gentle retouching, too. Of course, I have photographed hundreds of people in my career, and have an expert eye to capture you at your most
business ready and friendly best.

All these professional procedures give the viewer of the portrait (on Linked In, Facebook and any other social media sites you use) the image that YOU want to give. My goal is to show you as you want your coworkers, potential employer or anyone else you choose in the digital world to see you.

We have all seen bad business portraits. If we are honest, they leave us with a bad impression. In today’s workforce that can be the difference between getting that important interview or going back on the job hunt.
My business portraits are portraits that business people are proud to display.

Prices from $150 to $250.


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