Black Dogs Do Photograph Well (And I Know Why And How)

It is often thought by owners of black dogs that they do not photograph well and that is just the way it it is. There are reasons that they think that way, lighting being a major factor. The fur or coat of black dog absorbs a lot of light and most people take pictures of their black dogs with whatever light is available. If by chance they are taking a picture with the camera’s flash–it is generally weak and comes straight out of the camera on a fairly narrow beam of light.

So why do my portraits of black dogs look so different, with detail and separation? First off I use multiple strobe lights bounced out of reflective photographic umbrellas. These lights are very powerful and give a very nice wrap-a -round light that showcases and accentuates the rich, black fur. Plus, my black dog portraits are (as are all my other dog portrait) in total sharp focus. In addition, I always use a light colored background to help highlight the black dogs, too.

There are many reasons to hire a professional portrait photographer who specializes in pet portraits (as I do) and the above information is just another reason why.

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