Children’s portrait sessions with their dogs are always a fun and exciting adventure. Some of the challenges involved are the personalities of the children and of the dogs, too! Are the children willing to handle their dogs and not give up if it a challenge to do so. Depending how young a child may be, he or she can have a tendency to want to give up if it is too much work for them. Having photographed hundreds of kids dating back to the mid 1980s I am pretty good at the the different personalities children can have and working well with them.

That is where my giving them directions and encouragement during the session is quite helpful. Also, at the same time I may direct a parent of the child or children to help out, too. During the actual taking of the portraits I continue to use the numerous noisemakers I have to keep the kids and dogs attention focused on me and my camera.

In this particular portrait, the girl is obviously quite confident to be able to handle her dogs and to smile nicely at the camera. She exudes a charmingly cute nature and an easy going friendliness. This really add to the charming nature of this portrait.

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