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Hugging Your Dog–How Sweet It Is.

Why is it that in the portraits I take of my clients with their dogs--they always shine with happiness and have a twinkle in their eyes.                                                                                                                                    ...

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An Outdoor Family Portrait in November.

Family portraits in the park are always a pleasure to create especially in November when the weather happened to be in the 50 degree range.                                                                                                                It was true that...

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The Joy and Fun of a People/Pet Portrait.

I talk a lot about people/pet portraits and how much my clients love their portraits. They are the type of portraits that are very rewarding to set up and to encourage the clients while they are working with their dogs while smiling and looking relaxed at the camera....

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A Family Portrait when THE DOGS are the family.

I have photographed a number of family groups over the years where the dogs are the family. That is, there are no children or it is an older couple where the children are out of the house and in many cases, out of the      state.                                      ...

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