One of the many joys of being a people and pet photographer is when I have the opportunity to photograph a client with a pet that is not real common. Parrots of course, are a bit of a mystery to those of us who really don’t know much about them but nonetheless find them .                                                                                        Karen has a number of parrots but this one is special to her. This pose was specifically created to show the enchantment Karen has with her special bird.                                                                                                         It was fun to listen to Karen talk to the bird and watch for its response and wait for the moment like this one to happen. As with any specific pose that is requested during a portrait session I give specific directions such as; ’tilt your head a little more’ or ‘raise your chin up a little more.’ Phrases like these to improve the pose and yet keep it feeling fresh and fun.

You little rascal–what did you just say?