Karen and Her Parrot-A Whole Lotta Love.

One of the many joys of being a people and pet photographer is when I have the opportunity to photograph a client with a pet that is not real common. Parrots of course, are a bit of a mystery to those of us who really don't know much about them but nonetheless find...

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When a Big, Strong Dog Strikes a Cute Pose

It is always fun for me as a pet photographer to capture poses of a dog breed that goes a little against type. Here we have a cute and maybe even a gentle portrait of a German Shepherd. We have probable seen the classic pose of a German Shepherd--a head and shoulder...

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Rescuing a Portrait with Some Creative Cropping

This portrait session was was quite a challenge. I was able to get nice portraits of each dog separately not together as Wynnie the dog on the right was an extremely nervous and fearful dog. I was able to get some portrait of the husband and wife with the dogs but the...

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The Charming Head-Tilt Portrait

It is true that dogs tilt their heads because they are trying to figure out what is going on with what they are watching. As a pet photographer it lots of fun to take this type of portrait. I am often able to instigate this to happen by the specific sounds and noises...

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A Dog Portrait in the Park

Dog portraits in the park present a different set of challenges. Squirrels and other dogs that may be in the park can challenge the attention of the dog being photographed. One thing I do insist on before we go to the park is that the dog parents promise me that they...

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