The Best Pose Depends on the Breed of the Dog.

As a pet and pet/people portrait photographer now in my 38th year in business and with the fact that I have photographed more that 1000 dogs, I have strong opinions on which are the ideal poses for dogs depending on their age, size and breed. This portrait of a really...

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Fun Pet Portraits That Pet Parents Love.

It happens sometimes during a pet portrait sessions that pet parents bring out the props to put on there pets. Sometimes  these don't work out so well because the dogs tend not to like having the props on them. However, in this case the props stayed on the dogs and...

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Double Trouble? No, Double the Fun.

As a pet and people/pet photographer I am happy to photograph all the breeds and mixed breed dogs that are brought to my studio by their loving dog parents. I will say that Yorkies are one of my very favorite breeds to photograph. There are lots of reasons why that is...

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The Big Dog and Two Small Dogs Portrait.

I do have a number of objectives when I take a multiple dog portrait especially when one dog is big and the other two are small like in this portrait. To create a well balanced portrait the large dog, like the senior dog here must be in middle and more importantly...

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