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A Dog Portrait in the Park

Dog portraits in the park present a different set of challenges. Squirrels and other dogs that may be in the park can challenge the attention of the dog being photographed. One thing I do insist on before we go to the park is that the dog parents promise me that they...

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A Dog and His Favorite Toy

It is not uncommon for dogs to have a favorite toy. Sometimes clients like to bring those toys so we can include them in a portrait. Of course, I take all kinds of different poses without the toy and I usually include the toy at the end of the session. Many times...

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The Happy Dog Portrait

Do dogs really smile? We don't really know for a fact but to my eyes and my clients eyes it sure as heck does  look like it. This handsome dog has the biggest smile I have ever had the pleasure to photograph. When I am photographing dogs I do a lot things and produce...

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A Most Challenging Portrait Session

As you can imagine this was a challenging portrait session. The trick was to get all three focused on the camera and not to have the dogs step on the little cat. It is true that I had a helper keep the kitty in the middle and the dogs on each side plus I was doing my...

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The Making of a Cat Portrait

Photographing cats is a very different type of challenge than photographing dogs. First off, cats generally don't travel well and in my experience don't really enjoy new, unfamiliar places. They generally want to want to find a where they could hide on arriving at my...

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